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Friday, 27 January 2012


You know what?
Maybe like yaya,
she speak what she feel.
And me?
I cant speak what i feel right now.
Seriously, i dunno what to do.
I cant explain my feeling.

Its too hard for me but i know its the best way for you.
You choose to leave me untied.
Woaah >.< Seems like a song rite.
Ahh, i dont care anymore.

Yeah, its my fault because i cant give you the happiness that youve been dreamin.
And im sorry, i didn't mean to interfere youre privacy.
But if i didn't do that, until i take my last breath you've been lying me.
How could you?
You make me feel like Na na na naaa.
Cobra Starship ft Sabi you make me feel like
Hahaha, love that song much.

But this time, yeah honestly im bit shock.
You know what, i thought you never take advantage at me cos you know that i wont leave you.
But what i guess was wrong!
Nevermind, I lost you but I still have a faithful friends who always cheer up my day.
Bhahahah, you choose this path so what the hell that i can do?
Hikhik, i take it as a challenges.
And you know what, this is what w called life.
What goes around come around.
And i think its karma. LOL :D
Like i always said, whatever happen just go as it flow.

You teach me how to be a strong girl.
Yeah, or maybe not.
Mueheheh, its okay.
To let you happy, even not with me.
I'll try to forget you xD
I'll pick up this broken pieces till im bleeding if that will make it right :D
Sincerely, for you.

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