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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Its over now

Okayy, nak bace ape lagi?
tuh title tak nmpak -.-

Hmm, its hard for me to let you go.
but this is the best way for us.
No more love, good for you, good for me :']

i hate liar!
once liar, forever liar.
*aku pun penipu jugak #tipusunat

Enough, i cant trust you anymore. Hha ;p
nvm, im okay.


  1. Kenapa nih dik? frust nampak..

    p/s: datang sini dari twitter yer cik zaty.. amiruddin26

  2. Heheh, biasalah cinta monyet ;p
    Ooh, ya i see :]

  3. Putus cinta itu best. Bila cinta baru datang lagi, lagi bestttttt.... So jangan sedey2.

  4. Eh, manade sedih :]
    In love with my twitter.


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