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Monday, 22 October 2012

People change

Assalamualaikum and hi :D
Dont you ever expect when someone you love change?
Hahaha, nonsense. joke

Hahahah, aku nak duit.
Aku taknak kerja.
Aku nak guling guling kat rumah + duit masuk je setiap gulingan yang aku buat.
Wohooo, indahnya ;)

But just because they dont feel it too,
doesnt mean that you have to forget, right?
You laugh too loud but im hurt too much.
Dont you realize it?
Am i deserve it huh?
Let you memories go stronger and stronger.
Til they're before your eyes.

Apa aku merepek ni -.-
Macam lagu pun ada dah.
Suka hati aku lah, aku tak cakap dengan kau pun.
Siapa suruh gatal baca kan xD

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